Setting up Search 360

Search 360 allows entity types, link types, and text-based field types to be indexed. The Search 360 index is updated whenever data is added, changed, or removed in any of the entity types and link types in the database schema, or in embedded documents.

The index is also updated following changes to the database schema itself. Indexing occurs at scheduled times that are determined by an SQL Server administrator although an iBase system administrator can request a rebuild outside of scheduled times, for example after bulk imports. The service is suspended while you have the database open in iBase Designer.

There might be a delay between changes that are made to the iBase records and the time when the changes are reflected in the index, depending on how indexing is scheduled. Therefore, it might be possible for users to obtain results that are no longer an accurate reflection of the database contents.

The Search 360 Administration window, and the Search 360 window in iBase, provide information on when the index was last updated.

By default, all entity types, link types, and text-based field types are indexed. This indexing allows users to search all fields for information, but increases the database size. If required, the index can be restricted, reducing the index size.
Note: If the index is restricted, users might not get back the search results that they expect. Clearly communicate any change to the scope of the index to users of the system.