Managing the Index Service

The index service runs at the scheduled frequency if Search 360 is enabled in iBase Designer. Unlike most other SQL Server job properties, the enabled flag enables both the job and the schedule.

Attention: Jobs run if Search 360 is turned off in iBase Designer but exit without performing any indexing.
Use Index Service Configuration to manage the Search 360 index service:
  • To modify the schedule for a Search 360 index service, click Configure. Do not use SQL Server to change the schedule.
  • To stop or suspend the index service, click Configure and turn off the Enabled check box. This allows iBase users to continue to use Search 360 but without any updates for new information.
  • To remove the index service, for example before uninstalling the Index Service Configuration tool or moving an iBase database, click Delete. This deletes the job and prevents the index tool from running.
Include the IBaseIndexDB database and Searching Config.xml configuration file in your backup schedule. Losing either of these files require you to reconfigure your iBase databases for indexing. Do not schedule index service backups for the same time as iBase backups.
Note: If you accidentally delete the iBase index database, you do not delete the jobs but they are not visible in the Index Service Configuration dialog. To resolve this, you need to either restore the database from backup or reschedule the jobs (which deletes and then recreates the jobs).
As a part of the regular maintenance of your index service you should monitor the transaction log and clear this down when it becomes too large. This is especially important after you complete a full index as many entries are added.