Restoring soft deleted records

You can undo the deletion of entities and links by restoring them. Restoring records reverses the deletion of records that have not been purged. Restore Deleted Records is only available if soft delete is enabled for your database, and if your system administrator has given you access to it.


To restore deleted records:
  1. Edit > Restore Deleted Records.
  2. Select Select a range of records to search for records that were deleted between specific dates or by a specific user:
    Deleted between Set Deleted between to the date range you want to apply to the restore. These dates are inclusive; any records deleted on these dates are included.
    Deleted by this user Select a user from the Deleted by this user list to find the records deleted by a particular user.
    Note: Alternatively, select Specify a Record ID to restore a single record. However, you need to know the record ID.
  3. Click Next to display the deleted records that match your criteria.
    These records are the entities that meet the search criteria (any associated, deleted links are not listed). Links are only listed separately if their link end entities are not in this list. Links will be listed if the entities still exist in the database, the entities were deleted by a different user, or within a different date range.
    Note: You do not need to restore all of these records: you can deselect the records that you do not want to restore.
  4. Click Next to display a complete list of the entities and links to restore.
  5. Click Finish to restore the records.
    Note: If the restore is taking too long, you can press the Esc key to stop the operation. This undoes any restore that is already completed (to avoid database inconsistencies).