Purging deleted records

You can purge selected soft deleted records to permanently remove the data from your database. Purged records cannot be restored except from a backup of the database.

About this task

Purge Deleted Records is only available if soft delete is enabled for your database, and if your system administrator has given you access to it.


To permanently delete soft deleted records:
  1. Select Edit > Purge Deleted Records.
  2. Specify the age of the records that you want to purge by entering a cutoff date in Deleted before this.
  3. To purge records deleted by a specific user, select the username from the Deleted by this user list.
  4. To find out how many items will be purged from the total number of soft deleted records, turn on Review number of records before purging and click Next to see the statistics.
  5. When you are ready permanently to delete these records, click Purge.