Modifying existing indexes

The index browser displays words in the index, allowing you to choose words for display by their frequency in the index or by their initial characters. If you wish, you can exclude some of these displayed words from the index.

About this task

The index browser has two key areas. The upper part allows you to search the index for specific words. The lower part displays the words you have found, and allows you to exclude words from the index.
Note: If the index has been built for a number of leading characters (set in the Advanced page of the Word Search Index Build dialog) then only the specified number of characters appear in the list. For example, if the first 10 characters are indexed and the word shoplifting is indexed, this list shows only the first 10 characters, shopliftin. Each index entry shows the number of times it appears in the index.


  1. Tools > Search > Word Search Administration.
  2. To display the index browser, in the Word Search Administration dialog, click Index Browser.
    The upper part of the dialog helps you find words to display. The lower part displays the words you have found, and allows you to exclude any found words from the index.
  3. To find and list words:
    • Select Occurrences to find common (Most) or rarely (Least) occurring words.
    • Select Beginning with to find words beginning with the character or characters that you enter in the box.
    Click Find when you have set up your condition.
  4. To work with the listed words, select the word and:
    • Select Exclude to exclude a word from the index.
    • Select Relist to return the selected word to the index. The returned word appears at the bottom of the Words Found list, without a count.
  5. Click OK to confirm your choice of excluded words and close the dialog.