Managing database connections

If you have the correct permissions, you can view details about all the current connections, to the database that you have open. Current Connections provides information on who is logged in to that database, and their current level of activity.

Before you begin

You must be a member of the Database Management System Administrators group, and be connected to a Microsoft™ SQL Server database.

About this task

Database activity can be used to determine details about your database use. For example, the number of concurrent licenses that are needed, or the types of client that are currently open. In addition, as all connections must be closed before a database connection can be opened in iBase Designer, you can ensure that any connections that are not currently active can be closed.

Important: Ensuring a single open connection in iBase Designer prevents any potential data loss by administrator actions. Shutting down connections to the database logs out all active users and any unsaved changes are lost. Try to ensure that all connections are not in use before you shut down those connections.


  1. To open the list of current connections, select Tools > Current Connections.
    For each active connection, you can view the following information:
    Table 1. Details of current open database connections
    Column Description
    Application Type - User The type of application that is connected and the user that is logged in.
    Note: The user is displayed when the user information can be determined.
    Machine Name The machine that has the connection open.
    Login Time When the connection started.
    Last Access Time When the connection was last active.
    Reads The number of times information has been accessed from the database in this session.
  2. Optional: To close all the active connections to the database, click Close Connections.

    When Close Connections is clicked, the list of active connections is updated automatically over a time until all connections are closed, apart from one remaining connection.

    This last connection is your own connection, which is closed when you close iBase User.