Sending features to Analyst's Notebook

You can send features in the Esri Map window to an Analyst's Notebook chart. When you turn features into chart items, you can continue your analysis by using the additional tools that are available in Analyst's Notebook.

You can send only point features such as building locations to an Analyst's Notebook chart. You cannot send items such as roads, which cover areas. When you select them, point features appear on the map as small squares.

To send features to Analyst's Notebook:

  1. Query a feature layer, and display the results in the Map window.
  2. Select the features that you want to send.
  3. From the toolbox, select Send Features to Analyst's Notebook.
    If the command is not available, the selected features are not point features.

The features are displayed on the Analyst's Notebook chart. They are also added to the Esri map as Analyst's Notebook chart items on the active chart layer, at the same locations as the original features. You can choose to remove the query results from the map.

Note: If your Analyst's Notebook chart has entity types with the same names as Esri features, then Analyst's Notebook uses those types when it adds the features to the chart. If there is no matching entity type for a particular feature, then Analyst's Notebook adds the feature to the chart as an item of type "Unknown Esri Type".