Highlight chart items

You can use Highlight Selection to emphasize selected entities and links on the chart.

About this task

The Highlight Selection function in Analyst's Notebook helps to draw attention to selected chart items. This is particularly useful when your chart contains many items. The highlight feature is selected or cleared as you need it, and cannot be saved to the chart. When you highlight an entity, an animated colored circle increases and decreases in size around the entity. When you highlight a link, it is surrounded by a colored link that changes thickness. You can select multiple items to highlight, change the display color used by the feature, and you can turn the animation effect on or off.


  1. Select the chart items that you want to highlight.
  2. Click the Analyze tab of the ribbon, and click Highlight Selection.
    The selected items are highlighted.
  3. Click Highlight Selection to clear the highlight function.
    The highlight animation stops, and the chart items remain selected.

What to do next

You can change the color that is used by Highlight Selection. Click File > Options > User Interface. The Highlight Selection Color is displayed. Click the drop-down arrow and choose a different color, then click OK.To change the animation setting, click File > Options > General. If Animation Effects is selected the highlight feature uses animation. Deselect the option if you want static highlighting and click OK.