Installing i2 Analyst's Notebook

You can install i2 Analyst's Notebook using an Installation Manager. Ensure that the system that you are installing Analyst's Notebook on matches the system requirements.

Before you begin

You should review the release notes on the i2 Analyst’s Notebook support page to ensure your setup meets the prerequisites and system requirements. You must uninstall previous versions of i2 Analyst's Notebook when upgrading to version 10.0.0 or above.


  1. Extract the product files from your downloaded distribution.
  2. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the root of the distribution and run setup.exe.
  3. Follow the prompts. You are asked to choose the setup type:
    Install Analyst's Notebook, example material and the help.
    You can select which parts of Analyst's Notebook you require.
    Esri Maps
    If you would like to use the embedded Esri maps features, you can select to install these.
    Note: This option is not the same as the separate i2 Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri.
    Example Materials
    Charts and templates that can be used to demonstrate Analyst's Notebook features
    Online Help
    Installs a local copy of the documentation