Licensing information

i2 Analyst's Notebook 10 is a licensed product and requires a valid software license. Depending on your organization's arrangements, you might need to provide a license directly or connect to a license server.

Activate Analyst's Notebook

There are a number of ways you might provide your license information in order to activate Analyst's Notebook.

Standalone licenses
Standalone licenses are stored on the same workstation as your installation, and are provided in the form of license keys or license files.
Network licenses
You can use a floating license when your workstation is connected to a license server on your network. These licenses can also be borrowed for offline access, and returned when no longer required.
Internet licenses
When you have internet access, you can use a license from i2's internet license server.

For detailed information about licensing, refer to the i2 Software licensing guide for users.

If you need help with Analyst's Notebook licensing, contact your system administrator or i2 Support.