Chart Store

The Chart Store has two purposes in a deployment of i2 Analyze. First, it provides Analyst's Notebook Premium users with server-based, secure storage for their charts. Second, in a deployment that does not also include the Information Store, it supports the operation of the i2 Notebook web client.

Users of Analyst's Notebook Premium can upload charts to a Chart Store as easily as they can save them to their workstations. When they do so, they can choose to share charts with their colleagues, or take advantage of i2 Analyze's features for organizing, indexing, and securing charts:

  • i2 Analyze authenticates users at login and then uses authorization to control access to all stored charts

  • Charts in the Chart Store are subject to the i2 Analyze security model, enabling per-team or per-user access

  • i2 Analyze indexes both the contents and the metadata of uploaded Analyst's Notebook charts, so that users can search and filter large numbers of charts quickly and easily

    Note: For each chart in the store, the generated index contains information from i2 Analyze records and Analyst's Notebook chart items. i2 Analyze does not index the contents of any documents that are embedded in a chart.
  • The chart metadata itself is configurable, so that the options for categorizing and searching charts reflect the users' domain.

Users of the i2 Notebook web client can search for and visualize data from an Information Store and any external sources that are connected through the i2 Connect gateway. However, not all deployments of i2 Analyze include both of those components. In a deployment that does not have an Information Store, the i2 Notebook web client requires the Chart Store, which provides short-term storage for the web charts that users create.

For information on deploying i2 Analyze with the Chart Store, see the deployment documentation.