i2 Analyze Schema Designer

In i2 Analyze deployments, schemas are key to how data is visualized, analyzed, and stored. i2 Analyze Schema Designer is a Windows application for creating and editing schemas that meet all of the requirements i2 Analyze places upon them.

i2 Analyze schemas, and the charting schemes that accompany them, are stored as XML files. Using Schema Designer to create and edit schemas has several benefits:

  • Schema files that are guaranteed to be well formatted and valid for use with i2 Analyze

  • Automatic creation and maintenance of identifiers and other system information that schemas require

  • Built-in access to the i2 Semantic Type Library, which unlocks advanced features for search and analysis

  • The ability to create and edit charting and labeling schemes alongside the schema itself

This documentation describes how to use i2 Analyze Schema Designer as part of the process for designing, creating, deploying, and modifying i2 Analyze schemas.

Important: Schema Designer includes features for maintaining schemas that target earlier versions of i2 Analyze. This documentation does not describe how to use these features.