Configuring i2 Analyze schemas

An important part of developing an i2 Analyze deployment is creating the schemas for it to use. Between them, the Information Store, gateway, and connector schemas model the data that you want to analyze in the deployment.

When you deploy a schema, you also deploy one or more charting schemes to accompany it. These separate files specify how entities and links and their properties appear when they are visualized on charts. To provide users with more flexibility in their investigations, you can visualize data in different ways by creating multiple charting schemes.

Any schemas that you create for the i2 Connect gateway or for individual connectors are relatively flexible, and you can modify them after deployment as you see fit. However, after an Information Store schema enters production, the changes that you can make to it are strictly limited. Therefore, it is important to ensure early in the development process that if your deployment includes an Information Store, its schema meets the requirements of the organization.

Note: In some deployments of i2 Analyze, the Chart Store replaces the Information Store. The schema and the charting scheme for the Chart Store are much smaller than their equivalents for the Information Store, but changing them in a production deployment is subject to the same limitations.

You can view, edit, and create schemas with Schema Designer. For instructions on creating and editing a schema, see the i2 Analyze Schema Designer documentation.