Displaying a welcome page in Analyst's Notebook

When users log in to your deployment of i2 Analyze from Analyst's Notebook, you can arrange for them to see a welcome page that introduces it. The page gets its contents from an HTML file that is entirely under your control.

Before you begin

The information that users see in a welcome page is at your discretion, but typical content that you might present includes:

  • Your corporate branding, such as a logo or a color scheme

  • A description of your i2 Analyze deployment, including the features that it provides

  • Links to sections of the i2 documentation that explain the features you deployed

  • Links to your documentation that gives detail on using i2 Analyze in your organization

About this task

To set up a welcome page, you replace the contents of an HTML file in the deployment toolkit with the information that you want to provide, and then configure the server to request Analyst's Notebook to display it.


Complete the following steps to create and configure a welcome page:

  1. Modify the toolkit/configuration/fragments/common/welcomepage.html file to contain information about your deployment of i2 Analyze.

  2. Configure i2 Analyze to enable the welcome page. In the toolkit/configuration/fragments/opal-services/WEB-INF/classes/DiscoServerSettingsCommon.properties file, set the EnableWelcomePage property to true:

  3. Run the following command from the toolkit/scripts directory on your Liberty server to update the application with your changes:

    setup -t deployLiberty


The next time that a user logs in to i2 Analyze from Analyst's Notebook, they will see your welcome page.

The dialog that hosts the welcome page also contains a checkbox that users can select if they don't want to see the welcome page again. To reverse this setting, users can reopen the welcome page from the User menu and clear the checkbox.