Specifying the deployment credentials

To allow the deployment toolkit to update the database, Lightweight Third-Party Authentication (LTPA) keys, and Solr search platform components, you must provide user names and passwords. The user names and passwords that you provide allow the system to set up and administer components of i2 Analyze, and are not used to access i2 Analyze.

For the database that is identified in topology.xml, you must specify a user name and a password in the credentials.properties file. The setup script uses this information to authenticate with the database.

Note: The user that you specify must have privileges to create and populate databases in the database management system.

The database credentials are stored in the following format:

db.infostore.user-name=user name
For example:

The db.infostore.truststore.password credential is used only when you configure the connection between the database and Liberty to use SSL. If you are not using SSL to secure this connection, you do not need to specify a value for the db.infostore.truststore.password credential. For more information about configuring SSL, see Configure Secure Sockets Layer with i2 Analyze.

LTPA keys
You must provide a value for the ltpakeys.password property. This value is used by the system to encrypt LTPA tokens.
  • For a stand-alone deployment of i2 Analyze, you can specify any value as the password.
  • For a deployment of i2 Analyze that uses LTPA tokens to authenticate with other systems, you must specify the same password that those systems use.
Solr search platform

The Solr search platform is used to search data in the Information Store. You must provide values for the solr.user-name and solr.password properties. Any Solr indexes are created when i2 Analyze is first deployed, and the values that you provide here become the Solr user name and password.

When you deploy i2 Analyze, the passwords in the credentials.properties file are encoded.
  1. Using a text editor, open the toolkit\configuration\environment\credentials.properties file.
  2. Specify the database, LTPA, and Solr credentials for your deployment:
    • the database user names and passwords
    • the LTPA keys password
    • the Solr user name and password
  3. Save and close the credentials.properties file.