The i2 Analyze deployment toolkit

The deployment toolkit contains scripts and components that you need to deploy and maintain i2 Analyze. Configuring components within the toolkit allows you to deploy consistently to the same locations with the same settings.


The deployment toolkit contains files in several directories. On most occasions, you need to interact with only three of the directories:
  • The examples directory includes the base configurations that you can use to create example deployments, example data, and an example i2 Connect connector.
  • The configuration directory contains files that you must update with information specific to your deployment.
    Note: When the deployment toolkit is first installed, this directory does not exist. At the start of deployment, you use one of the base configurations to create this directory.
  • The scripts directory contains the setup script that you use to deploy and configure i2 Analyze.

The setup script

The setup script completes tasks that apply configuration and other changes to deployments of i2 Analyze. For a list of available tasks and other information, refer to Deployment toolkit tasks.

Alternatively, on the i2 Analyze server, open a command prompt and navigate to toolkit\scripts and run one of the following commands:
setup -h
The -h argument displays the usage, common tasks, and examples of use for the setup script.
setup -a
The -a argument displays the same content as when you use -h, and a list of additional tasks.
Note: On Linux, whenever you run the setup script you must prefix its name with './'. For example, ./setup -t deploy.