Replacing the Chart Store or Information Store schema

The schema is a key component of any i2 Analyze deployment that includes the Chart Store or the Information Store, and configuring it correctly is an important part of the development process. Replacing or making destructive changes to the schema requires you to clear and repopulate the store. As you do so, you might need to change other parts of the system too.

This procedure contains the steps for making destructive changes to a Chart Store or Information Store schema in your deployment of i2 Analyze. When you replace the schema, you must clear data from the system, modify any sample data, and edit any other part of the configuration that depends on the schema.

In a deployment that provides high availability, use the documentation from your database management system to remove the Chart Store or Information Store database from each database server in your deployment instead of the dropDatabases toolkit task.

In a deployment that provides high availability, stop and start each Liberty server in your environment but run deleteSolrCollections and createSolrCollections on one Liberty server only.

  1. Copy the new schema and charting scheme files to the configuration\fragments\common\WEB-INF\classes directory of the deployment toolkit.
  2. Specify the schema and charting scheme that the deployment uses.
    1. Using a text editor, open the file in the same directory as the schema files.
    2. Set the values of the SchemaResource and ChartingSchemesResource properties to the names of your schema and charting scheme files.
    3. Save and close the file.
The following steps update your deployment with the new schema.
  1. Stop the deployment:
    setup -t stopLiberty
  2. To remove the database and Solr collections, navigate to the toolkit\scripts directory and run the following command:
    setup -t dropDatabases --hostname
    setup -t deleteSolrCollections --hostname
    Here, liberty.hostname is the hostname of the Liberty server where you are running the command. It matches the value for the host-name attribute of the <application> element in the topology.xml file.

    A message is displayed when you run each task to confirm that you want to complete the action. Enter Y to continue. The database and Solr collections are removed from the system.

  3. To re-create the Solr collections and databases, run the following commands:
    setup -t createSolrCollections --hostname
    setup -t createDatabases
  4. Update the i2 Analyze application:
    setup -t deployLiberty
  5. Update the schema:
    setup -t updateSchema
  6. Start Liberty:
    setup -t startLiberty

If you are using a results configuration file, configure the facets to match the item and property types that you added or changed in the Information Store schema. See Setting up search results filtering.

If you are defining the property values of merged i2 Analyze records, you must update your merged property values definition views. See Define how property values of merged records are calculated.