Administering high availability

When your system is deployed in an environment that is designed for high availability or disaster recovery, you must develop, configure, and test your continuous operation procedures. Continuous operation includes, but is not limited to, components of the application continuing to function after a subset of their resources is taken offline.

In summary, when a server, or number of servers, fail in your environment you need to ensure that the system continues to function. To do so, the process involves:
  • Detecting server failure
  • Ensuring that only the functional servers are used to process requests
  • Recovering the failed servers
  • Configuring the environment to use the recovered servers again
The implementation of this process is different for each component of i2 Analyze, the software prerequisites that are used, and the operating system that the component is deployed on. For some components of i2 Analyze, the process is automatic but you should understand the process and what state the environment is in.

The following information outlines the process for each component in a deployment of i2 Analyze.