Schema settings

When a deployment of i2 Analyze includes the i2 Connect gateway and connectors that define their own schemas, the gateway interrogates the connectors for the locations of those schemas. For schemas that are hosted on the server, the i2 Analyze application retrieves their locations from the file.

For a deployment of i2 Analyze that includes the Chart Store or the Information Store, must contain populated SchemaResource and ChartingSchemesResource settings that provide the locations of the schema and charting scheme files:

Note: A single deployment of i2 Analyze cannot include both the Chart Store and the Information Store. When necessary, the Information Store subsumes the Chart Store, and the Information Store schema includes the elements that describe stored Analyst's Notebook charts.

The files in the example configurations that include the i2 Connect gateway contain extra settings that are named Gateway.External.SchemaResource and Gateway.External.ChartingSchemesResource. However, these names are not mandatory, and they are not the only settings for gateway schemas that can appear in the file.

In general, a deployment of i2 Analyze that includes the i2 Connect gateway can have any number of gateway schemas. Every pair of schema and charting scheme files must be identified in the file, using the following syntax:


You are free to specify the ShortName of each pair of settings as you wish. The short name that you provide is displayed to Analyst's Notebook Premium users in the names of item types from the schema. It is also displayed to system administrators in the user interface for creating type conversion mappings. And i2 Analyze uses the short name to differentiate between any item types that have the same name in separate gateway schemas.