Handling matches in i2 Connect result sets

By default, i2 Analyze returns records from the i2 Connect gateway to clients without reacting to matches among those records. You can edit the I2ConnectRecordMatchAction property so that records in the results that match each other arrive on the chart as merged or united records.

You can set I2ConnectRecordMatchAction to one of three possible values:


    i2 Analyze ignores any matches between records in the results of an i2 Connect query. This is the default setting.


    Records in the results of an i2 Connect query that match each other are added to the chart as entity and link items that contain sets of matching records.


    Records in the results of an i2 Connect query that match each other are merged into single records before they reach the chart.

For all three values, and depending on your other settings, the records from the i2 Connect gateway might still match with others when they reach the chart surface.

To change how i2 Analyze handles matching records in i2 Connect result sets:

  1. In a text editor, open the DiscoServerSettingsCommon.properties file from the toolkit\configuration\fragments\opal-services\WEB-INF\classes directory.

  2. Find or add the I2ConnectRecordMatchAction property and set its value to your preferred setting. For example:

  3. Save and close the file.

  4. In a command prompt, navigate to the toolkit\scripts directory and run the following commands to update and restart the Liberty server:

    setup -t stopLiberty
    setup -t deployLiberty
    setup -t startLiberty

With the changes in place, you can reconnect to i2 Analyze from i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium and verify that the platform handles matching records in the way that you specified.