Configuring Find Matching Records

Analysts use Find Matching Records to identify when multiple records on an Analyst's Notebook Premium chart might represent the same real-world object or relationship.

Analysts can write their own match rules for Find Matching Records, but you can also configure i2 Analyze to provide a common set of rules to all analysts when they connect. Analysts can choose whether to use all, none, or a selection of the match rules that the server provides. For more information about how analysts might use Find Matching Records, see Creating rules for record matching.

For information about how to create and deploy server-side match rules for Find Matching Records, see Deploying Find Matching Records match rules.

Both server and local match rules for Find Matching Records are tied to a particular server. If a destructive schema change in i2 Analyze takes place, all match rules, whether they are deployed on the server or the client, are invalidated.