i2 Software licensing

All installations of i2 Analyst's Notebook 10, whether acquired separately or as part of Analysis Studio or Analysis Hub, require a valid software license. i2 licensing uses Thales' Sentinel EMS and RMS solutions for license management.

Analyst's Notebook 10 can use a valid license from any of the following locations:

  • On the same workstation, through a standalone license key or file.

  • On a local network, where a License Manager provides licenses from a pool on demand.

  • On the internet, through a connection to a license server.

For users, software licensing means providing their installation of Analyst's Notebook with a valid license by supplying a license key or file, or by directing the application to a network License Manager or an internet license server.

For administrators, software licensing means managing the entitlement for Analyst's Notebook 10 licenses that comes with a purchase of the software. Administrators control how the entitlement is divided into licenses of different types, and are responsible for deploying the License Manager software.

Sometimes, especially in smaller organizations, the software licensing administrator might also be one of the users. This documentation describes the tasks that both roles involve.

Note: The i2 software licensing documentation is also available in PDF format for offline use.