Microsoft Access data type mappings

The table below shows the list of supported Microsoft Access field data types and how they are mapped via ActiveX Data Object (ADO) types through iBridge to Analyst’s Notebook.

Table 1.
Microsoft Access Data Type ADO Data Type # iBridge Data Type Analyst’s Notebook Data Type
Yes/No adBoolean (11) Boolean Flag
True/False adBoolean (11) Boolean Flag
On/Off adBoolean (11) Boolean Flag
Date adDate (7) Date Time
GeneralDate adDate (7) Date Time
LongDate adDate (7) Date Time
MediumDate adDate (7) Date Time
ShortDate adDate (7) Date Time
LongTime adDate (7) Date Time
MediumTime adDate (7) Date Time
ShortTime adDate (7) Date Time
Byte adUnsignedTinyInt (17) Byte Number
Integer adSmallInt (2) Integer Number
Long adInteger (3) Long Number
Single adSingle (4) Single Number
Double adDouble (5) Double Number
Currency adCurrency (6) Currency Number
GeneralNumber adCurrency (6) Currency Number
Percent adCurrency (6) Currency Number
Scientific adCurrency (6) Currency Number
Fixed adCurrency (6) Currency Number
Standard adCurrency (6) Currency Number
Text 1 adWChar (130) String Text
Memo 1 adWChar (130) Memo Text
Hyperlink 1, 2 adWChar (130) Memo Text
OLEObject adLongVarBinary (205) Binary Binary
ReplicationID adGUID (72) GUID Binary
  • # - Numbers in parentheses denote the numeric value of the ADO data type enumerations.
  • 1 - Although these Access data types accept multibyte characters, iBridge does not fully support the input and display of multibyte characters.

    2 - Access Hyperlink data types will be interpreted by iBridge as Memo data types and any fields will not be displayed as "clickable" links in the Show dialog.