Connecting to a Microsoft Access database

To connect to a Microsoft Access database:

  1. In iBridge Designer, select New from the File menu to display the Provider page of the Data Link Properties dialog.
  2. Select Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider from the list of OLE DB Providers and click Next to display the Connection page of the Data Link Properties dialog:
  3. Enter the location and name of your Access database in the Select or enter a database name box.

    The provided database files are installed in the User Guide and Designer Guide folders in the local application settings folder, which is hidden by default. An easy way to access this folder is to open your My Documents folder, navigate to the \i2\i2 iBridge 8\ folder, then click on a folder shortcut. This opens the folder in your local application settings folder.

    You need only enter the logon information into this dialog if you want to test the connection. However, the analysts will be required to specify the username and password when connecting to the database from within i2 Analyst’s Notebook.

    If you do not want analysts to be prompted for logon information, turn on the Allow saving password check box. This has security implications because the username and password are stored in the configuration file. When this check box is turned off you will also be prompted for a username and password, so you may want to work with the check box turned on and then turn it off before you release the configuration to the analysts.

    The user name and password that you use when defining the configuration must have the same access rights as the username that the analysts will use when opening the configuration file in Analyst’s Notebook. This will ensure that you see exactly the same tables and fields as the analysts.