Security files

The first step in designing the security for your iBase system is to create a new security file. You use the security file to control who can access the iBase and iBase Designer applications, and any iBase databases secured by the security file.

Note: The security files that are supplied with iBase are examples only. You can inspect the contents of these files, but you should create a new security file before you implement your own security scheme and creating databases.

Only users whose details are known to a security file can start an iBase session or open a database. When they log on to a security file, they can only open one of the databases secured by that security file. A security file secures access to any database that is created in a session started by logging on to the security file.

You should keep the security file in the same folder as the database files that it secures. You can move both the security file and its databases as required. For more information on moving files, see Moving and Copying Databases.