Initializing alerting

Alerting needs to be initialized in iBase Designer before alerting can be started.


To initialize alerting:
  1. In iBase Designer, select Tools > Feature Availability >Alerting Configuration.
  2. Optional: Select the database if you plan to run the alerting jobs in a replicated environment.
  3. Enter a login name, and password, with appropriate permissions for configuring alerting.
    Note: The login must also be a member of the SQLAgentUserRole database role.
  4. Enter the number of alerting jobs that will run on the server.
  5. Click Initialize Alerting.

What to do next

After initializing alerting you need to back up the security file if it is in SQL Server format. See Backing Up iBase Databases.
In addition, if you would like to send email alerts you need to set up the SQL Server instance for email. Alerting uses database mail with the default public profile. Refer to the SQL Server documentation for information.
Note: Users must have valid email addresses as iBase cannot verify these.