Creating a database

If your user account has the permission Database Creator, you can create a new database from a template supplied by your database designer. The template defines the type of information that can be stored in the database: the entity types, link types, and other items including any queries and browse definitions.

Certain details, such as the file type, are not defined in the template and you should discuss these details with your system administrator before creating a new database. Specifically, you should discuss:
  • Which database type to use, either Microsoft Access or SQL Server.
  • How auditing should be used, specifically which audit level to use and whether the value of a specific field should also be audited.
  • Whether a database identifier is required.
  • Whether soft delete is used.
For background information on creating new databases, see the help for iBase Designer.

A 20-character password is generated for you when the Microsoft Access database is created. You will need to keep a record of this password as it will be required in the event, for example, that you need to repair the database using Microsoft Access utilities.

To see the password, start iBase Designer, select Tools > Options, and select the Advanced tab.