Connecting i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium to i2 Analyze

Analyst's Notebook Premium uses a connector to manage interactions with i2 Analyze. When you install Analyst's Notebook Premium, you must install the Opal connector.

For information on installation, see Installing i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium.

With the Opal connector installed, you can access i2 Analyze through Analyst's Notebook Premium. When i2 Analyze is started, the URI that must be used in Analyst's Notebook Premium is displayed in the console. For example: This application is configured for access on http://host_name/opal.
Important: This URI must be distributed to each user that connects Analyst's Notebook Premium to i2 Analyze.

Open Analyst's Notebook Premium, and connect by specifying the URI displayed in the console.

If you do not have access to the console where i2 Analyze is started, speak to your system administrator.

Note: If your deployment uses an extra proxy server between Analyst's Notebook Premium and i2 Analyze, you must specify the URI that clients use to connect to i2 Analyze. After you specify the URI, the new value is displayed in the console when i2 Analyze is started. For more information, see Deploying a proxy server with use with i2 Analyze