Using i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium

Analyst's Notebook Premium features are a superset that includes the features of Analyst's Notebook.

Using i2 Analyst's Notebook
For information about how to use i2 Analyst's Notebook in your investigations, see Using i2 Analyst's Notebook.
Using External Searches
You can use the External Searches feature in Analyst's Notebook Premium to search external data sources for information. Your system administrator can configure queries to accept parameters that help to fine-tune your searching. Queries can also allow you to select items on the chart and use them as seeds in more complex search operations. For more information, see External searches.
Using the Chart Store
The i2 Analyze Chart Store provides server-based, secure storage for the charts that you create. You can share charts from the Chart Store with your colleagues, or take advantage of the organizing and indexing features that make charts easier to find. For more information, see Chart Store.