Permits enable i2® applications with access management to load successfully.

Each server contains a number of permits that are issued to users with access on a first come first served basis. Additionally, each permit relates to a specific i2 application, such as Analyst's Notebook. As a result, each available permit for an application can be used by any authorized user that requires use of that application.

i2 Group supplies permits in a permit file. Permit files can be configured to reserve or restrict permits for use by specific users or computers.

A permit file can be installed on only the server that the permit file was generated for. If the server hardware changes, or if you want to use a different server to distribute permits from, then you must request a new permit file.
Note: PAM enabled i2 Group products require i2 Group PAM licenses, and IBM products require IBM PAM licenses. You cannot use an i2 Group PAM license with an IBM product, and vice versa. If you are upgrading your IBM products to i2 Group products, you must request new PAM licenses by completing a permit request form. To find out more, see Requesting permits.

To run an i2 application when not connected to the network, a user can borrow a permit from a server. For more information about borrowing permits, see Permits for offline use.