About Product Access Management

Product access management helps you to ensure that your organization remains compliant with your license agreement with i2®.

You can control usage of i2 applications so that the number of concurrent users stays within the number that is permitted by your license agreement. Product access management is an optional feature and i2 applications can be used without it. The applications that support Product Access Management are:
  • i2 Analyst's Notebook 9.2.0, or later.
  • i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium 9.2.0, or later.
  • i2 iBase User and Designer 8.9.13, or later.
Note: Previous versions of i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium must be uninstalled before you attempt to install a later version. i2 Analyst's Notebook and i2 iBase can be upgraded from the current versions.
Product access management uses a server and client model to monitor application usage. This guide assumes that the server and client are running Microsoft™ Windows™. Implementing product access management involves the creation, deployment, and usage of permits.
Important: If you are upgrading from IBM products with product access management licenses to i2 Group products, you need to request new licenses, see Requesting permits. You must return any 'borrowed' IBM permits to the server before beginning the upgrade.

The product access management feature is compatible with earlier supported versions of i2 applications, but is not always compatible with later versions. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, to ensure that your licenses are handled correctly, upgrade your license manager before you upgrade your i2 applications.

To upgrade the license manager, double-click setup.exe in the \Product Access Management\Server directory of the i2 application downloaded distribution, and follow the steps provided.