Deriving coordinates from address properties

You can derive coordinates from address elements that are stored in the labels, attributes, descriptions, card summaries, card descriptions, or data records of an entity. The derived coordinates are added to the entity as attributes.

About this task

Before you can derive coordinates from an address, make sure that the address data has a format that the geocoding service recognizes. The format depends on the geocoding service in use, and its current configuration. If you are not sure of the necessary format, then you can check it with the Geocode Address tool from the toolbox. You can also check the format details in the Geocoding Service Configuration window.


To derive the coordinates for one or more entities:
  1. Open the Geocoding page of the Map Chart Items task pane, and select the entity or entities on the chart that contain address information.
  2. Select the geocoding service that you want to use from the Select a Geocoding Service list.
  3. Click Configure Selected Geocoding Service to display the Geocoding Service Configuration window. Specify how addresses are extracted from the text, attribute values, and database properties of chart items, and then click OK.
  4. Ensure that the options are set so that Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri looks for addresses in the appropriate place.
  5. Click Geocode Chart Items.
    After the service processes the request, Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri displays the results in the Geocoding Results area.
  6. Select a result and click Update Chart Items to add the coordinates as attributes to your entity.
    You can now send the entity to the Map window.