Mapping schemes

A particular arrangement of maps and layers in the Map window is often appropriate to more than one set of data. You can save the configuration of the Map window in a mapping scheme.

By using mapping schemes, you can save the contents of the maps layers, drawings layer, and query results layers for use at another time. You can load and unload mapping schemes, and you can associate them with charts.

If you associate a mapping scheme with a chart, then the next time you open that chart, the mapping scheme is also loaded. The Map window is re-created as it was when you created the mapping scheme.

Mapping schemes can contain:

  • Base maps
  • Dynamic maps
  • Drawings
  • Query results
Note: Chart layers are not saved as part of a mapping scheme.

When you create a chart, or you open an existing chart that does not have an associated mapping scheme:

  • If there is no default mapping scheme, no mapping scheme is loaded.
  • If a default mapping scheme exists, this mapping scheme is loaded.