Geocoding addresses

Through Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri you can use geocoding to locate addresses without first storing them in a chart item. Instead, you can enter an address and use the Geocode Address tool to generate coordinates from it.


To geocode an address:
  1. Load a map or a mapping scheme into the Map window.
  2. From the toolbox, select Geocode Address.
  3. Select a geocoding service.
  4. Enter the address details to geocode. The available fields are determined by the selected geocoding service.
    Note: "*" indicates a mandatory parameter. These parameters constitute the minimum information for geocoding an address.
  5. Click Go.


When the geocoding is complete, you can add the resulting geocoded address to the Map window. To add the results of running the Geocode Address tool to the map, click the View Query Results icon in the Results tab. A Query Results layer is added to the Layers tab, and the location is displayed on the map as a flag.

The address and the coordinates that are derived from the address are displayed. You can use the resulting location to help with your analysis.