Deployment phases and environments

The process of creating a production deployment involves distinct phases that focus on different aspects of an i2 Analyze deployment. You should complete the activities in each phase in distinct environments, which you should retain to refer to later in the process.

There are three phases in the process to deploy i2 Analyze into production.
The development phase is where you configure i2 Analyze to meet the requirements of the final deployment. In this phase, you develop the configuration in an iterative process that involves a number of configuration changes and deployments of the system. During this phase, the lifetime of a deployment is short.
The test phase is where you deploy i2 Analyze for testing. In the test phase, you deploy i2 Analyze with the configuration from the development phase and perform comprehensive testing of the system.
The production phase is where you deploy i2 Analyze into production. i2 Analyze is deployed with the configuration that you tested in the test phase. In production, the deployment is fully operational and used by analysts to complete mission critical work.

To start creating your production deployment, complete the instructions in Schema development environment.