Deployment types

Before you start a deployment of i2 Analyze, choose the type of deployment that you want to create. Use the following information to ensure that you choose the correct type of deployment for your requirements.

Example deployment

You can use an example deployment to learn about i2 Analyze, demonstrate the features of the system, and ensure that any software prerequisites are installed correctly on a single server.

When you create an example deployment, the deployment toolkit populates all of the mandatory configuration settings with default values and deploys the system. The deployment uses an example i2 Analyze schema, security schema, and data. Some configuration settings that are not mandatory for deployment are also populated to demonstrate extra features of the system.

For more information about example deployments, see Creating an example deployment.

Production deployment

A production deployment is available to analysts to complete mission critical analysis on real-world data. When you decide to create a production deployment of i2 Analyze, you must start from a clean installation of i2 Analyze.

The process for creating a production deployment involves a number of different deployment and configuration activities. As part of the process, you must develop an i2 Analyze schema and security schema for your data.

For more information about production deployments, see Creating a production deployment.