Upgrading a customized Information Store

The Information Store is designed to store large amounts of data, and the underlying database can be customized to optimize performance at scale. If you have modified your database in this manner you must also handle the database upgrade separately.

If you have customized your Information Store, having the deployment toolkit upgrade your database structure automatically is not desirable. However, to upgrade your system, you still need to modify the Information Store to match the newer version.
Note: Depending on the scale and complexity of your data, making changes of this nature can take time. Plan your upgrade to take place in a period of low activity, and back up your system before proceeding.
  1. Open a command prompt on the server, and navigate to the toolkit\scripts directory of the i2 Analyze 4.4.0 toolkit.
  2. To generate the DDL scripts that can you can use to upgrade your Information Store, run the following command:
    setup -t generateInfoStoreUpgradeScripts
    The upgrade scripts are placed in the following location: toolkit\scripts\database\db2\InfoStore\generated\upgrade
  3. Evaluate the scripts provided and use them to update your database.
When you have modified your Information Store to match the latest structure, you must ensure that your applications are upgraded without the database upgrade. To do this, ensure that you have set the create-database attribute of the Information Store data-source to false in the topology.xml before Upgrading an i2 Analyze deployment.