Upgrading an i2 Analyze deployment

You can use an upgraded i2 Analyze deployment toolkit to upgrade an existing deployment of i2 Analyze. The new features in later versions are available only after the deployment is upgraded successfully.

Before you begin

You must upgrade from a supported version of i2 Analyze. See Upgrade paths for the current minimum supported version.

Complete the instructions in Upgrading to i2 Analyze 4.4.0 to install the latest version of the deployment toolkit and prepare the environment before you upgrade the deployment.

Note: If your deployment of i2 Analyze uses multiple servers, follow the instructions in Upgrading an i2 Analyze deployment on multiple servers, rather than the procedure in this topic.


  1. Open a command prompt on the server, and navigate to the toolkit\scripts directory of the i2 Analyze toolkit.

  2. To upgrade the deployment, run the following command:

    setup -t upgrade

    If the create-databases attribute in the topology.xml file is set to false, you must run the scripts to update the database manually.

    The scripts are created in the toolkit\scripts\database\db2\InfoStore\generated\upgrade directory. Run the scripts in ascending alphanumeric order. The user that you run the scripts as must have permission to drop and create database tables and views.

  3. To complete this part of the upgrade and start the application, run the following command:

    setup -t start

What to do next

After you upgrade and restart i2 Analyze, return to perform the rest of the instructions to finish upgrading the system.