Testing the deployment

You can use X.509 certificates to authenticate users in i2 Analyze from Analyst's Notebook Premium. The connection to the i2 Analyze server is secured, and the user is authenticated with the server by the client certificate that is provided by Analyst's Notebook Premium.

  • A client certificate must be installed on the client workstation. For more information about installing the client certificates, see Installing client certificates.
  • The application server must be running.

Connect to the Information Store, and select a client certificate to use to authenticate with the i2 Analyze server.

  1. Enter the name of the repository, and the URL of the server to connect to.
    Use the HTTPS protocol to connect to the server. For example, https://host_name/opal (where host_name is the fully qualified domain name or IP address of the HTTP server).

    You are prompted to provide a certificate.

  2. Select the client certificate to use to authenticate with the server from the list that is displayed.
When client certificate authentication is configured correctly, you are logged in to i2 Analyze as the user associated with the selected certificate.