Allowing users to cancel Expand operations

Some Expand operations against the Information Store can find many i2 Analyze records. Returning all of these records to the user might make the chart too crowded or affect system performance. You can configure i2 Analyze to warn users of large result sets and allow them to cancel the operation.

To specify the number of records that an Expand operation can find before a warning is displayed to analysts, you can provide a value for the ExpandMaxResultsSoftLimit setting in the file.

If the number of results exceeds this value, Analyst's Notebook Premium displays a message to inform the user. The user can choose to continue or cancel the operation.

By default this setting has a value of 0, which means that no warning is displayed.

If you follow this procedure in a deployment that provides high availability, you must complete each step on every Liberty server in your environment before you move to the next step.

  1. Open the file, and provide a value for the ExpandMaxResultsSoftLimit setting.
    For example, to display a warning if the number of records exceeds 100:
  2. Save and close the file.
Redeploy i2 Analyze to update the application with your changes.
  1. In a command prompt, navigate to the toolkit\scripts directory.
  2. Stop Liberty:
    setup -t stopLiberty
  3. Update the i2 Analyze application:
    setup -t deployLiberty
  4. Start Liberty:
    setup -t startLiberty

After you redeploy i2 Analyze, run a selection of Expand queries to test the behavior of the deployment.