i2 Analyze with SPNEGO single sign-on

In the production deployment process, i2 Analyze is configured to use user names and passwords that are stored in a file-based registry. By configuring the deployment to use SPNEGO single sign-on, a user is logged in through the domain client workstation that they are logged in to.

After a user logs in to a single sign-on environment, they are authenticated with any systems that they have access to. i2 Analyze can be configured to allow authentication through SPNEGO single sign-on, with authorization through Active Directory.

SPNEGO single sign-on enables users to log in to a Microsoft domain controller, and be authenticated within the single sign-on environment. In SPNEGO single sign-on, to change the user that is logged in to i2 Analyze, the user must log out of the workstation, and a new user must log in to the workstation.