Back up and restore the configuration

The i2 Analyze and Liberty configuration contains the files that define the functionality of the deployment, and how users connect to the deployment. To restore the deployment after a failure, create a backup of the configuration.


  • The configuration directory and some files from the Liberty deployment are backed up. These files enable you to recreate a deployment from the backup files in the same configuration.

  • The system can be running when you back up the configuration. The system must be stopped when you restore the configuration.

  • In a distributed deployment of i2 Analyze, the configuration directory should be identical on each server. Therefore, you only need to back up the configuration from the Liberty server.

Backup location

In the file, the backup.config.location.dir setting is the location where the configuration backups are created and restored from when you use the toolkit tasks. This location must exist on the Liberty server where you run the toolkit tasks.

Toolkit tasks

  • backupConfiguration

    • The backupConfiguration toolkit task backs up the i2 Analyze and Liberty configuration to the backup.config.location.dir location.For example:

    setup -t backupConfiguration
  • restoreConfiguration

    • The restoreConfiguration toolkit task restores the i2 Analyze and Liberty configuration from a backup. The restoreConfiguration also deploys Liberty. You must pass the timestamp parameter to the toolkit task with a timestamp for a backup in the backup.config.location.dir location.For example:

    setup -t restoreConfiguration -p timestamp=<timestamp>

    If you are recovering from a disaster scenario where you must create new Liberty servers, you must copy the i2 Analyze deployment toolkit configuration from the backup to your new Liberty servers before you run the restoreConfiguration task.

Backup files

When the backupConfiguration task is run, a directory is created named i2a-config-<timestamp> where <timestamp> is the timestamp of when the toolkit task was run. The directory contains the files of the i2 Analyze and Liberty configuration and a file that shows the version of i2 Analyze. For example:

- i2a-config-20210420145332
    - version.txt
    - liberty-app-config
    - liberty-shared-config
    - toolkit-config

The following directories are included in the backup:

  • toolkit\configuration

  • wlp\usr\shared\configs

  • wlp\usr\servers\opal-server