Release notes - i2 Analyst's Notebook 10.0.0

A high level overview of the release, listing new features, the system requirements and any known issues.

Important notices

⚠️ Installation

After downloading the distribution media ensure that you extract all of the product components from the compressed file. This can be done using the "Extract All..." option on the Windows right click menu.

Then using Windows Explorer, browse to the root of the extracted folder and run setup.exe and follow the installation prompts.

⚠️ i2 iBase

iBase (all versions) will not interoperate with Analyst's Notebook 10.0.0 at this release. iBase customers are advised to continue to use the latest 32-bit Analyst's Notebook version compatible with their version of iBase.

i2 Group will release a compatible version of iBase later this year.

⚠️ i2 iBridge

iBridge (all versions) will not interoperate with Analyst's Notebook 10.0.0. iBridge customers are advised to continue to use the latest 32-bit Analyst's Notebook version compatible with their version of iBridge.


Release highlight details

64-bit support

  • Analyst's Notebook is now 64-bit to allow it to take advantage of the modern 64-bit operating system and hardware.

List Records tool

  • The new List Records tool gives the user the ability to explore the data records of items on the chart, allowing the records and their properties to be filtered, sorted, and viewed in a table layout for quick and easy comparisons. Clicking items in the table view centers them on the chart, and provides the ability to add or refine chart item selection state.

  • Additional filtering capabilities give the user the ability to further filter data, for example by selection state, items linked to most records, link end types, or the most linked ends.

  • The table view of the listed records can be copied to the clipboard for inclusion in other documents, with configuration options provided to tailor the formats of the clipboard data.

    List Records in Analyst's Notebook
  • List Records replaces the previous List Data Records tool and is compatible with data records from both iBase and i2 Analyze.

    Using List Records

Highlight Selection tool

  • Items that are selected on the chart can be emphasized with animated colored outlines to draw attention to key information regardless of the zoom level and chart complexity.

    Highlight in Analyst's Notebook
  • The color of the outline and whether it is animated can be controlled from the Analyst's Notebook options menu.

    Using Highlight Selections

New Selection tools

  • New and enhanced selection tools make it quicker to select the data you need in a chart. Select or deselect all Entities or Links, Deselect or filter by specific entity or semantic types, and select, deselect, or filter by related semantic types such as different types of Property – Bank Account, Motor Vehicle for example.

  • Select “standalone” entities with no connections with the Singleton Entity selection tool.

    Select in Analyst's Notebook

    Selecting items

Additional Icons

  • Additional icons have been added to the Analyst's Notebook palette for social media services and new technologies. The following are some examples.

    Sample new icons in Analyst's Notebook

Conditional Formatting - new operators

  • New condition operators are now available when using values from a lookup table to apply a conditional format. The new operators, Is Set/Is not Set and Is Present/Is Absent, can be used to apply a format based on the whether a property or attribute is populated or not.

    Conditional format in Analyst's Notebook

    Using Conditional Formatting

Importing - Date/Time format key

  • When importing data that contains date and time properties a new key helps the user to understand the codes used to define custom date and time formats, ensuring that this information is correctly imported. The default codes that are displayed in the key are based on the region settings of the computer.

    Importing Data

Bar Charts and Histograms - additional playback tools

  • The Bar Charts and Histograms tool has been enhanced with the addition of Play Backwards and Expand Backwards options for Histograms.

    Using Bar Charts & Histograms

Activity View - Select Latest/Earliest/All

  • New options in the activity view pane right click menu allow the user to select the Latest, Earliest, or All activities for selected rows making it easy to find and focus on key data.

  • The menu has also been updated to clarify that Remove actions affect rows within the activity view.

  • In addition, after selecting an individual activity users can move the current selection to the next or previous activity using the arrow keys.

    Activity View in Analyst's Notebook

    Using Activity View

Enhanced Time Wheel

  • A new Scale bar provides a key for the shading of the time wheel and gives the user the option to directly change the scale color and scaling method for the wheel.

  • Additionally, the time wheel counts can now be calculated based on all chart items or only the selected items.

  • Optionally, selecting a sector or sectors in the time wheel can pan the chart to bring the records in that sector(s) into focus.

    Using the Time Wheel

Export to KML

  • The Export to KML tool on the Publish toolbar exports chart items with geographic coordinate information to a KML or KMZ file that can be used with Google Earth Pro and other GIS products to display the locations of the chart items on a map.

    Mapping chart items

License Management

  • The new license management mechanism within Analyst's Notebook helps to ensure that the product is used within the terms of the license agreement. License management supports standalone, network, or cloud based licensing.

  • Please note that standalone licenses are not supported when using Remote Desktop Services.

    Licensing information

Version by Version comparison

The following table shows a comparison of features between recent versions of Analyst's Notebook:

🆕 = New Feature ✅ = Existing Feature ❌ = Feature Removed/Obsolete

FEATURESAnalyst's Notebook 10.0.0Analyst's Notebook 9.4.0Analyst's Notebook 9.3.1Analyst's Notebook 9.2.4
64-bit support🆕---
List Records tool🆕---
Highlight Selection tool🆕---
New selection tools🆕---
Additional icons🆕---
Conditional Formatting - new operators🆕---
Importing - Date/Time format key🆕---
Bar Charts and Histograms - additional playback tools🆕---
Activity View - Select Latest/Earliest/All🆕---
Enhanced Time Wheel🆕---
Export to KML🆕---
License Management🆕---
i2 Branding🆕--
Time Wheel🆕--
Conditional Formatting – Icon frame display option🆕
List Most Connected – Configurable Low Net Change analysis measure🆕

Fixed and known issues

The issues that have been fixed in this release and known issues.

Fixed issues

Issue NumberIssue title
DT00220"System.OutofMemoryException" thrown during import
DT00104Conditional formatting not applied as live format if record unite occurs
DT00114Exception in Conditional Formatting wrt AttributeClass definitions
DT00140"Relevant to Selection" behavior not working as expected
DT00159Smart Matching gender inferred from Name but documentation says it shouldn't be
DT00164External Search - duplicated items when "copying to chart"
DT00178Bar charts & histograms lists non-relevant properties for Dates / Times
DT00190Whitespace being trimmed from SELECTED_FROM property values on submit
DT00191Import Error when use Watch Import
DT00207Icons disappearing when inserted onto a background image on the chart
PO06711ANB crashes when saving charts with a large number of entities with picture representation
PO09668Option to add a link arrow is missing on link #3

Known issues

Issue NumberIssue title
DT00090en-gb folder does not exist when attempting to view Reports
PO07495ANB 906 is not adjusting the time for AEDT
LimitationThe transparent background of a PNG image is lost when pasting for a Picture as Representation
LimitationRunning an import to a new chart on a Chinese (Traditional/Simplified) operating system causes a COM exception

System requirements

The following tables shows the system requirements for this release, and previous releases. These system requirements should be used to ensure that the setup you are running is fully supported. Ensure that existing deployments are upgraded to currently supported versions of all the software required.

🆕 = Newly supported ✅ = Supported ❌ = No longer supported

Operating systems

OPERATING SYSTEMSAnalyst's Notebook 10.0.0Analyst's Notebook 9.4.0Analyst's Notebook 9.3.1Analyst's Notebook 9.2.4
Microsoft Windows 11 Enterprise x64 (64-bit)🆕--
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro x64 (64-bit)🆕--
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x64 (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x32 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x32 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Edition🆕---
Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard Edition🆕---
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Essentials Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition

Note: i2 products are supported on hardware virtualization environments that run any of the operating systems that are listed in the detailed system requirements. When you run in a virtual environment, any issues that can be replicated by i2 in a supported operating system are addressed by using the standard support policy. Trial editions of i2 Analyst's Notebook cannot be run in virtualized environments.


SOFTWARE PREREQUISITESAnalyst's Notebook 10.0.0Analyst's Notebook 9.4.0Analyst's Notebook 9.3.1Analyst's Notebook 9.2.4
Microsoft Edge (latest) or Microsoft Edge WebView2🆕---
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8🆕---
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
Microsoft Access database engine 2016 (64-bit)1🆕---
Microsoft Access database engine 2010 (32-bit)

Note: Microsoft Edge Webview2 is available from It must be installed by choosing the option to "Install as Administrator"

1 Importing from an Excel spreadsheet into Analyst's Notebook requires the Microsoft Access database engine 2016 (64-bit) to be installed.

Supported software (optional)

i2 Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri 10.0.0
i2 TextChart
SUPPORTED SOFTWAREAnalyst's Notebook 10.0.0Analyst's Notebook 9.4.0Analyst's Notebook 9.3.1Analyst's Notebook 9.2.4
Microsoft Office 365 64-bit🆕---
Microsoft Office 2021 64-bit🆕---
Microsoft Office 2019 64-bit🆕---
Microsoft Office 2016 64-bit🆕---
Microsoft Office 2019 32-bit
Microsoft Office 2016 32-bit
Microsoft Office 365 32-bit
Google Earth 6.2 (32-bit only)
Google Earth 7.1 (32-bit only)
Google Earth Professional 6.2 (32-bit only)
Google Earth Professional 7.1 (32-bit only)
Google Earth Professional 7.3 (32-bit only)
Esri ArcGIS Server 10 with Portal for ArcGIS (optional, for i2 Esri Maps)


Hardware requirementsMinimumRecommended
Disk space1GB for installation plus additional working space
ProcessorIntel or AMD processor with 64-bit and SSE 4.2 support
2GHz or faster
Display1280 x 7681920 x 1080

Language support

i2 products are tested on a number of various regional variations of operating systems. In addition they are translated into a number of different languages.

Operating system language support

i2 supports this product on the following regional versions of the supported operating systems:

Language Group/LanguageLanguage CollectionSupport Status
Western Europe and USABasic
Central EuropeBasic
ArabicComplex Script
JapaneseEast Asian
KoreanEast Asian
Traditional ChineseEast Asian
Simplified ChineseEast Asian
ThaiComplex Script
VietnameseComplex Script
HebrewComplex Script
IndicComplex Script
GeorgianComplex Script
ArmenianComplex Script
DhivehiComplex Script
GalicianComplex Script
GujaratiComplex Script
KannadaComplex Script
KyrgyzComplex Script
Mongolian (Cyrillic)Complex Script
PunjabiComplex Script
SyriacComplex Script
TeluguComplex Script

Data support

i2 products support unicode data.


The following languages are supported:

TranslationsAnalyst's Notebook 10.0.0
Brazilian Portuguese
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese