Accessing the server log file

A server records all permit requests and returns in a log file. This file provides logging and tracing of errors and transactions. By default the log file lservsta is created in the C:\Windows\system32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 directory.

Use Lsusage to view the Sentinel RMS License Server log file. Lsusage is found in the i2® application downloaded distribution in the \Product Access Management\Utils directory. To run lsusage, open a command prompt and go to the directory that contains lsusage, then run:
lsusage.exe -l lservsta
Note: If the command fails because lservsta is not found, prefix lservsta with the directory file path that lservsta is found in.
To create a CSV file from the log, run:
lsusage.exe -l lservsta -c CSV-format-filename.