Adding a connector to a deployment of i2 Analyze

When you've deployed i2 Analyze and configured it to use the schema that you generated from iBase, the next step is to add a connector for one of the data sources that you plan to use.

Setting up the connector correctly has two parts. First, you must provide i2 Analyze with details about the connector. Second, you need to ensure that the data from the connector is compatible with your schema.

  1. Follow the instructions in Connecting to external data sources, and especially in Adding a connector to the topology, to add a connector to the deployment.

    The provider of the connector will be able to supply all the information that you need to complete the procedure.

  2. Follow the instructions in Item type conversion, and especially in Creating type conversion mappings, to map types from the connector schema to types in the gateway schema.

After you successfully deploy and test one connector, you can repeat the steps above to add further connectors to your i2 Analyze deployment.