Importing data in XML format

Analyst's Notebook can import data that is stored in XML files if the files are converted to another format or you provide a style sheet that transforms the data to a compatible format.

You could convert XML files to CSV or XLS format and build a specification to import your data. Alternatively, you can transform XML data into Analyst's Notebook Exchange files with an XLST style sheet. XML data that is converted into ANX XML structure can be imported into Analyst's Notebook without an import specification.

To import XML data in Analyst's Notebook Exchange, you specify the location of the source file and some processing instructions.
  1. Click the Home tab, and then click Import > Import from Analyst's Notebook Exchange File.
    Note: Despite its name, this command supports importing data in any XML format, not only Analyst's Notebook Exchange files.
  2. In the Select Data File to Import window, locate the file that contains your data, and then click Open.
  3. In the Import XML window, configure the behavior of the XML import wizard:
    Apply Style Sheet If you are not importing an Analyst's Notebook Exchange (.anx) file, select this option and specify an XSLT style sheet. The style sheet must transform the XML so that it validates against the Analyst's Notebook schema.
    Create New Chart Select this option to import the data into a new chart instead of the current chart.
    Layout Imported Items Select this option to apply a peacock layout to the imported data. Any items that are already on the chart are not affected.
    Enable Enhanced Validation Rules Select this option to perform more careful validation before the data is imported.
  4. Click OK to import the data from the XML file that you selected.

When the import process finishes, the application displays a message that indicates the success or failure of the process. If the import fails, the message includes the location of a log file.

Note: Data imports from XML files cannot be used to create records in i2 Analyze.