Adding information to items

You can add information that you have about a chart item into the properties of the item. You can use analysis tools to gain insight from property values, and they can be displayed on the charting surface.

  • To edit the properties of an item, click the item on the charting surface, click the Home tab, and then in the Edit Properties group click Data, Attributes, or Cards. In the Edit window, Analyst's Notebook opens the corresponding folder of property pages.
    Tip: To add the same information to several items at the same time, select them all, right-click on one of the items, then click Combined Properties. For example, several telephones might have the same area code. If some of the items already have a value for the property that you want to edit, Analyst's Notebook displays blue hatching instead of a property value. You can collectively modify date and time, description and grades, attributes, and style properties.
  • To add an attribute:
    1. In the Edit window, click Item Properties > Attributes.
    2. Click Add.
    3. Select an attribute class from a palette, then enter information.
    Alternatively, in the Attributes panel of the Insert from Palette pane, click an attribute class, enter or select a value, then click OK.
  • To add a card:
    1. In the Edit window, click Cards > Card List.
    2. Click New.
    3. Enter the information that you have.
      You can include provenance information that is specific to the card, such as the source, reliability of the source, reliability of the information, or its privacy rating.
  • The Edit window contains a Style folder. You can use the properties in that folder to add an image to the item. You can also use the pages in that folder to modify aspects of item appearance.