Removing a deployment of i2 Analyze

You might need to reset a deployment of i2 Analyze to its just-installed state. For example, you might complete an example deployment and then want to start creating a production deployment on the same system.

Before you begin

Important: This procedure completely removes all the data and deployed components of i2 Analyze. If you want to retain any data from the system, back up your data first. For more information about backing up your data, see Backing up a deployment.

About this task

To remove a deployment of i2 Analyze, you must remove the database from the system and then the deployment and data files from disk.


  1. Stop the deployment of i2 Analyze:
  2. If your deployment contains a data store, drop the database from the system:
    setup -t dropDatabases
    A message is displayed when you run the toolkit task to confirm that you want to complete the action. Enter Y to continue.

    To ensure that the database is removed correctly, use a database management tool to try and connect to the database.

  3. Move or delete the deployment and data directories in every i2 Analyze deployment toolkit in your environment.
    By default, the directories are: i2\i2analyze\deploy and i2\i2analyze\data:
    • The deployment directories for the components of i2 Analyze, and the data directory for i2 Analyze is specified in the file. For more information see
    • The data directories for the components of i2 Analyze are specified in the topology.xml file. For more information about this file, see topology.xml.
  4. Move or delete the toolkit\configuration directory in every i2 Analyze deployment toolkit in your environment.


The i2 Analyze deployment is returned to its just-installed state.