Best practices

When you create or manage a production deployment of i2 Analyze, there are a number of best practices that you might follow.

Server host names
When you have multiple environments with i2 Analyze deployed, it can be useful to use host names for the servers and application that identify their purpose. For example, in your development environment you might set the host names of servers as follows: i2analyze.development.server.
Configuration management
When you create and maintain a deployment of i2 Analyze, it is an iterative process. Because of the iterative nature, it is important to keep a record of changes to the i2 Analyze configuration. By using a source control system, you can maintain a history of changes to the configuration.

After you populate the configuration directory in the pre-production environment, make a copy of the directory in a location that is managed by a source control system.

Permanent environments
You can maintain your final development and test environments so that you can return to previous deployment phases or use the environments to test any future upgrades of the system.
Production changes
Make any configuration changes in the lowest available deployment, then promote up to production.