Storing charts in i2 Analyze

In addition to storing records in the Information Store, i2 Analyze can provide a shared Chart Store for Analyst's Notebook charts. Users of Analyst's Notebook Premium can search for, download, edit, and upload charts in the i2 Analyze Chart Store.

To store charts, i2 Analyze uses a similar model to the one that it uses for storing records in the Information Store. Charts in the Chart Store benefit from features such as timestamps, notes, and source references. They also use the same security model as the rest of the system, so user access to charts is controlled in the same way as user access to records.

Extensions to the record model mean that the Chart Store indexes the contents of a chart for searching, in addition to its notes and properties. It also keeps an image of the chart's appearance when it was uploaded. Furthermore, the Chart Store retains a version history and performs basic version control operations for its contents.

Note: At this version of i2 Analyze, the Chart Store treats charts as stand-alone entities and does not model connections between them.

To learn more about the information in the Chart Store and what tasks an administrator of i2 Analyze can use it for, see Retrieving chart metadata.